For snowboarders who like mountains...

This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Rocca Marchissa, 3080m March 23 2011 (Alpes)

Last day of snowboarding before leaving to Spain 3 days. In that time I went southwards I had ever gone. Afterwards, had I gone many times to Aosta valley this month. I chose Val Varaita in Cuneo region to rise this 3000 peak.

Like it´s usually in me I did not wake up early...If the conditions are ok, it just has one problem....the heat! Anyway I carried enough water, and the classical Coca Cola was waiting for me in the bar.

I left the car at 1750m with full of snow.

Upper in the valley, there is a plane. From there the peak can be seen all along the trail It is in the middle.

From the coll at 2850m I had to walk down to solve rocks. Later the slope became steeper and a little bit exposed with some rock close to the summit as you can see.

From the summit I could enjoy a different views that the previous days of Aosta. The south face of Monviso is less awesome than one can be seen from Torino. Anyway it is!

Southwards the Marittime alps. Actually I do not know if this summit belongs to them, or on the contrary still belongs to Cozie alps.

Me with my second 3000 of the Alps!

From the summit to the coll, the snow was spring but enjoyable. Later due to be north face the snow remain more powder till 2300m.

Maybe the better turns of the descend..

After that, there were like 400m left with hard or spring snow. The day finished with two Coca Cola and good music close to the car...I had to rest after 1350m...

Monte Croix, 2480m March- 20- 2011 (Alpes)

Just one pic with the good powder I could enjoy in a memorable Saturday in La Thuille....Turns and turns in every single virgin slope...

On Sunday I did not know what I should do at all. I had in mid the Monte Colmet but there was no track going there because of the valanches, so finally I though I should do something safer.

Giants of the Alps.

Arpy lake.

The das was absolutly nice. The wind even stopped.

On the summit there is some kind of construction.

The descend was safe and with fast spring snow.

Splitboard and Grands Jorasses in the second part of the descent.

Actually, it was a fantastic weekend.

Testa dei Fra, 2824m March,18,2011 (Alpes)

Fulllll of energy I drove to Aosta valley again. That day was the first sunny day after the snowfalls....I had not planned that, but on thursday I read on gulliver that in this zone had snowed less than the I should take advantage, for sure!

Another dreamed house....

At 2100m the forest is over and the wide slopes start...Look at the strong wind of the ridge...

After catching up to the coll, a long ridge must be follow to get the real summit. Mont Blanc is seen for all along the ridge. The strong wind, the solitune and such wonderful views made that like actual alpinism.

Something big from the summit...Monte Combin?

Good snow in the whole descent...

With great views of the Italian alps.

Snow the line!

Knowing that the weather for the next days would be nice...I decided to overnight all the weekend.

Full Moon from the hostel.

On Saturday I went to La thuille. It was going to be the worst day of the weekend....anyway, the Sun was shinning all the day there unlike other places of the valley.....GOOD CHOICE!....if I had been with someone, it would have been a "key" day to show pics of fresh snow....but I was alone....anyway I enjoyed it sooooo much! Incredible the potential of freeride in La Thuille! What´s more I just visited the Italian part...

Cima delle Vallete, 2742m March, 10, 2011 (Alpes)

A paradise just 60km from Torino....

Carlos on summit...(not me....)

Carlos dealing with the first slopes...

Me with really good snow...

Resting...with Moncenisio opposite.

The descent continuos...


Another 1200m to end a fabolous week....The day after that started to snow and rain...and it has not stopped yet....Maybe on friday....althoug the risk of avalanches is the highest ever of this winter...I take care....

Testa del Gran Etret, 3202m March, 8, 2011 (Alpes)

Carlos^2 went to Pont to achieve their first 3000´s of the season. The day seemed like a winner.

The track to follow is easy. Just have to way up the long valley.

Few km later...we could not see the car...just the huge valley.

The last part takes place on the Etret glacier. It´s a small glacier like ones of Pyrinees.

We are almost on summit!

From the summit the 1200m of big descent!

What´s more....the snow is absolutly perfect!

It seemed like endless descent..

More powder...

From 2400m the slopes became softer.

"Apree ski" at the Sun with good music in the parking!

May we be here again to rise our first 4000?? I´m thinking of rising the Gran Paradiso in just one day....just a little bit of 2000m...any buddy??

Punta Leysser, 2771m March, 6 2011 (Alpes)

Full of energy, I drove through Aosta Valley with exciting music in solitune!

The peak chosen....

Blu sky, pines trees, some rocks, shinning snow, high summits...I was excited!

Summit! I broke the last record of Morefreddo by a few meters...Anyway, now it´s time to go higher!! Monte Bianco appears behind my nek.

Spring snow in the whole descent. I could not take more photos due to the bat outlook...The pics weren´t clear...

Enjoying the panorama!

The classic reward after a hot day, lied on the yard and looking at Grivola zone...

Really hope this week every single day is sunny...