For snowboarders who like mountains...

This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Mont Rosset, 2449m...first time in the Beaufortain massif

Eager to explore the French Alps, where i have not gone that much. I did some research on the nice and safe ski tour, and this was a good choice. i was never in this part of the Alps, neither in summer or winter, so It is always good to keep exploring the alps.

Sunny and very mild day, but a lot of snow. We had ahead +1000m of beautiful trees, houses and open views.

La Vanoise massif at the background.

The summit was at the very end of this wide valley and ridge.

Thanks to the weather, we spent some time in the summit. Very panoramic, with wonderful views to the Vanoise massif and the French side of the petit San Bernard.

Easy and enjoyable descent, with quite good snow.

A very nice day up there!

Aiguillete des Houches, 2248m...a scenic day in Mont Blanc valley

It is  hard to find an easy ski tour in the Chamonix valley. I chose this one, for the incredible views of the Mont Blanc. Weather will be nice, but the day before was raining up to 1900...screwing up the snowpack (we would suffer most of the way down!)

We leave from a small town at around 1250m, already with great views.

The first 600-700 are throught the closed forest. So actually, not that much to see or enjoy.

From there, the forest opens up and the spectacle begins. Very photogenic day, with the recent snow full, the clear atmosphere and good light.

From 1900, we are totally above the forest.

We reached the summit together with a couple of other people. This part was actually quite good.

Lucy and the summit we come from. The rain of the days before did not damage this part, and actually was quite good.

Back to this cabin a bit below 1900m...from there on, we entered the forest and was not possible to ski. Most of us put the skis in the backpack and went down on foot. The path was very narrow and a group with snowshoes created such a deep mark in the snow, that was later frozen by the night rain....that was literally not possible ski down.

Back to the car...beautiful day, despite carrying the skis down for 600m.

Tete de plate longue, 2668m...starting Erasmus 2.0 season

Today was not actually the first day, since the day before I went to Monte Ventasuso in the italian side of the port….but it was so windy and unexpectedly foggy, that better to count this one as the first one.

I slept in a B&B next to Argentera in this area of the Alpi Marittime...which is surprisingly far from actually takes longer than driving to some part of Aosta valley.

On Sunday I drove to the first village in the French side, Larche. I was never here before...this actually belongs to Alpie Cozie is not anymore the Maritime Alps.

Really beautiful Skitour...ahead -i had +1200m...and luckily there were 2 skiers that went ahead of me. Otherwise i would have needed to  navigate through the thick forest on my own with powder snow.

Really beautiful tour, always at the shade. At the end, shining, the goal.

I caught up the couple of skiers in the summit...and thanked them for the trace.

Barcelonette from the summit, well innivated.

One of them is also a splitboarder…..beautiful powder today!

Then, it came my turn.....

We could say...some pillow has snowed a lot during late November here...

Yes, this counts as a great kick-off the season!!