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This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Pico Lomas, 2430m 25-Abril-2010 (C.Cantabrica)

Thanks to the 4x4 of Alberto, we could make this clasical activity. The large track...that it´s an irksome restriction, becomes a pleasent walk by 4x4.

We left the car at 1900m. From there, we could see the three main peaks. Just in the middle, it´s Lomas peak.

In the firts part, we had to carry all on our rocksack.

Once in a coll at 2200m, we only had to rise 200m more.

The hard Sun of the last weeks has rather damaged the snow covered, even in high height as you can see. At the banckground appears Curavacas...

and Picos de Europa.

The clouds decorate the sky...The last 50m run over the ridge as far as the summit.

Views from the Lomas peak at 2430m southwards.

Us on the summit.

We descended directly from the top. The line was very entertaining with a pipe between some rocks and a wide slope in the bot part, although the snow was quite soft.

In the pic below, you can see the slope which starts just from the top

With zoom, our print can be seen easier.

Finally, we returned to the car...

Un paseito lo de hoy...

Keep on enjoying the mountains! Ci vediamooooooooooo

II - Horcada de Santa Maria, 2350m 10,11-Abril-2010 (Picos de Europa)

For that second and last day, the day before we had planed to go to Horcada Santa Maria through Les Merines coll.

Like Saturday, we woke up early. The dinner and the breakfast didn´t seem to me enough for hungry mountaniers. In spite of it, we managed to reach our goal.

The first part of the day consisted on overcoming the LLampa cimera to Les Merines coll.

In two hours, we had got it. The views from the coll (2000m) of the Cantabrican Mountains are particurarly beatiful and different from other points of Picos.

Me below the giant shadow of Torre Santa Maria with a small part of Cantabrican mountains at the background.

The goal for that day: Horcada Santa Maria. It is the small coll of the middle more and less.

Alberto and me rising the last 200m.

Me almost on the top.

All the team resting and getting ready for the descend.

Pablo and Alberto started...

I thought that the snow was too hard in its first part for my level, but finally I was able to descend succesfully. Probably that first part reachs 40º.

ALberto and Pablo kept on descending into a awesome enviorement.

I like very much this photo with Requexon peak, clouds, and green meadows of Amieva below.

The last part of the descend from Horcada.

One look back...

From Les Merines, there are still 600m of descend left.

We arrived at the car quite tired. From the refuge to the car, our rockset were very heavy. At least, we had not to go up.

I hope I will be able to do something more, before the snow disappears.

I - Vegarredonda to Jou Canal Parda zone, 2295m 10-11 Abril-2010 (Picos de Europa)

Finally, weather was going to be nice so Alberto, Pablo and me set off our weekend in western masiff of Picos de Europa. It was a surprise because this year everyone was used to lack of nice weather.

We gathered in Oviedo at 4pm, and drove to Pan de Carmen (1050m). From the track, views of Torre de Santa Maria and others.

The first day, we only had to get to Vegarredonda.

Friday´s night we were discussing about what we were going to do on Saturday and Sunday. For Saturday we decided to go to Traviesos Peak or somewhere near it.
We started walking rather early. It was good, because we were able to walk quite time before the Sun beat us hardly.

Me an Torre de Santa Maria.

Pablo aimed to Torre de Santa Maria.

They could put their skis at 1750m. Before there, we used the grampones.

Gradually we reach high, and the enviorement changes to full of snow wherever you look.

Alberto and me with the alpine peaks at the backgrounds.

Pablo looks Traviesos peak, which becomes in his target.

Once there, we separated. Pablo went to Traviesos peak (2380m) and Alberto and me went to a coll between it and Canal Parda peak (2295m). We didn´t go with him due to bad look of its descend (there are too many rocks and not much snow in its beggining).
From our "summit" we enjoyed the similar views.
Torres del Torco, Torre de Enmedio, Tres Marias...

Me and the north face of Peña Santa.

At the east.
A creative picture...jaja.

As you can see, our descend was pretty good, specially for my board.

Few minutes later, we got together again with Pablo and we could look the extraordinary descend from the top, despite rocks.

In spite of being a hot day, snow was delicious in the whole descend.

The descend was more continous than I expected. We though we only could descend as far as 1700m more and less.
But, at the end of the day, we could skiing as far as Vegarredonda. Against any forecast, we were linked the rests of snow, which end nearby Vegarredonda.

Thanks to Alberto, I can put the graphic of desnivel. The total is 1000.

Thw second part coming soon...