For snowboarders who like mountains...

This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Pico Pozua, 1936m 19-12-08 (C.Cantabrica)

For unknown reasons, I hadn´t done any peak yet. Until that date, I had gone a few times to San Isidro-Fuentes de Invierno but summitless.

We went until Ponton pass with Jermoso Man and some of his friend. We left the car in a bend of the road. The day was sunny and neat, although we had to cross the woods still in the shade.

After the woods, the Sun was waiting for us.

I was amazed. The view was amazing behind us.

It was so beatiful that I decided to make a video of the last meters to the summit.

The view got better in the summit. We could contamplate all the snowy mountains and how the fog remained in the valley. I have never seen the same conditions yet. We were privileged!

Pablo and me went down skiing by the south face...

The video shows that parto with a actually good snow.

Our prints...
Later we turned to the east toward the woods again.

The last view of the Pozua peak. It was a nice day.

Off-piste in Fuentes de Invierno 23-12-08

More pics in Fuentes de Invierno taken with the good camera of Robo.

Automatic shoot.

Finally a small video of one of the off-piste.

Pico la Carva, 2162m...Going higher! December, 22nd 2008

That day we drove through Pajares pass. The point of departure is the small village of Tonin. We tracked up through the Cuadra valley, and later turned to the right.

Once we had turned, we had to follow over a wide ridge till the summit. I didn´t know this summit, because our first intention was to go to Estorbin. Later, we realised that Carva peak was close to Brañacaballo peak (this is well-known).
The summit was the tipical Cantabrican peak, with especially view of the region of Central Mountains. The wind was quite strong.

For the descent I didn´t choose the best option. We descended on the same way we used to go up, and this was the worst option. We had to have descenced on the wide slopes, which appear in the right part of the up photo.

In spite of choosing the worst part for descending the top part, from 1850 to 1550 was getting better. The day had been worth.

Tubos de Entresierres, making the most of the snowest Fall ever! (Fuentes Invierno - Noviembre 2008)

Some interesting slopes in Fuentes de Invierno. We paid the forfaits, and we were almost all the time enjoying the different off-piste. As I said in elder entries, that Fall was fabolous.

The surprise of October and Requejines y tubo del Toneo! November, 8th 2008

OCTOBER, 22, 2008

The Fall of 2008 was extremely wet and cold. There were a lot of snowfall, one of them very early in the Autumn like this in the second half of October. I even though it was going to be enough for snowboarding. I was very optimistic, but in fact I could descend about 100-150m of vertical difference.

Where I live, I can´t ask more. I only have one photo of that day.

NOVEMBER, 6 2008
Following the way of October, November began with heavy snowfall. Those snowfall are unusal here in early Fall. A big amount of snow fell and the snow covered lasted months, because it kept on snowing in Fall, Winter and Spring like ever.
I drove to San Isidro the day before, but there was no visibility. I could not enjoy it too much. One day after, 6 of November, took place probably the greatest open day of backcountry season of my life. The amount of snow for being November is awesome.
First I went to Requejines. This slope is perfect to be descended with the first snows. It was waiting for me...

My face was hit by the snow Winter welcomed me.

Later we went to Fuentes de Invierno for descending the "Tubo del Toneo", for completing that fantastic day. The top ends at 1950m, and the basin is 300m below it. The conditions was better than other times when the ski-station is open. That day was entirely for us and sprintless.

First day in the driest and milder winter ever! December, 12nd 2007

The title says everything...The only thing I remember of this day is that I had 2h of Mathematics at the college at first hour, then I went off to the mountains since it was the first snowfall in that autumn which could leave the slopes with enough snow to be skied....

Trying to finish the season in summer!...June, 24th 2008

This could have been a susccessful end of t sesion but a possible storm brought out my best sensible inner and made me go back at half way. I went to Maladeta glacier which was still practicable from 2500m. The idea was simple: climbing the Maladeta peak and snowboard down 800m roughly at the doors of the looked a brilliant idea!

The fact is that I went back on my steps at 2750m due to a threatening clous coming from the south. Some kind of "paranoia" took my mind. Still nowadays I dont know why I was so prudent...At the end, it was nothing but some clouds....Anyways, I rided down some meters!

Torre de Horcados Rojos, 2508m...Keep exploring Picos de Europa! April, 24th 2008

The Winter of 2008 was the worst that Cantabrican mountains have seen ever. The first great snowfall was towards the end of March. Weather in April was quite cloudy every day, which  had been doom to failure any attempt to go skiing. However, we took advantage of one of the few sunny days. We went to Fuente De in order to go up some peak in Picos de Europa.

We chose Horcados Rojos peak, because it is the nearest peak to the cable way. We had´t got too much time because we gathered later.

We applied sun lotion.

Edu took a lot of good photos, like this.

Horcados Rojos coll.
To reach the main slope from the coll to the summit we had to put crampons on.

And summit! The view was wonderful, especially for its spaciousness. It seemed like we were hanged over the valley.

LLambrion area full of snow in spite of being a dry winter.

Due to rain in the previous days, the surface had those uncomfortable undulations...

Summing up, a good day in a bad winter.

Aneto, 3404m...The highest peak in the Pyrenees! February, 2nd 2008

Winter in Asturias kept being depressing! After the success in December I was hungry to reach a high summit and pretty keen to go to the Pyrenees after the exams.

I met Pablo in Formigal, where he was working that year. He and I went to la Renclusa. The weather was not very optimistic...

Without expecting it, we got over the clouds and saw one of the greatest scenary I had ever seen...

We had to use the crampons in this short couloir to get the huge glacier.

This winter wasnt the best here either....

The big traverse of the glacier...

The last part slope wasnt easier...I was quite exhausted.

The last meters needed the rope. The ridge is very exposed...

And summit! The highest peak in the Pyrenees!

The descent was one of the longest available in the Pyrenees. Althoug the snow pack was below the average, the quality was fair good and the descent has become unforgettable until nowadays.

1300 of vertical descent...after it one hour to walk back to the car.