For snowboarders who like mountains...

This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Monte Saccarello, 2201m...Ligurian powder by the Mediterranean

Again to this corner of the southern alp, the Ligurian Alps. Setting off from Monesi, the goal for that Sunday was the tallest mountain in Liguria region, Monte Saccarello. Key day with 15cm of fresh snow fallen during the night followed by bluebird skies....

I was among the first ones and went 2 times to stretch the day a bit longer, in the end +1200m. I went down over 2 different places, the first one was really good.


Garten, 2040m...a sunny Sunday in the Fribourg Prealps

Sunday and bluebird skies is a good combination...We went to Jaun, this time with the right equipment! We wanted something not too long so we opted for this classic and safe option...Again, not every day is possible to start from 1000m in a south face with this amount of snow...gotta make the most of the circumstances! Quite a funny descent too if you looked for it!

Walighurli, 2051m...the 3h good weather window made our Saturday!

We kept exploring the prealps in this cold winter....not every weekend is possible to skin up from 1000m in powder need to go any higher! That day was between 2 frontal systerms...i saw a window between 10 and 13h....could be longer, could be shorter, and could be not as good as it was....We decided to try...and jackpot!

Another powder day +1000m....

Pointe de Chesery, 2251m...powder day in the Chablais!

D-Day.....superb conditions after the whole snowing from the bottom of the valleys....The upper part was pretty much Canadian looking...Wonderful snow from top to bottom in the whole +1100m...

La Tournette, 2351m...a grand classique around Annecy in bluebird skies day!

The most classic Skitour of the area...that came with a price….never saw so many people in a mountain! Guess everyone wanted to take advantage of the good conditions of that Sunday. Starting point is low, 900m....what makes that good conditions rarely start from the beginning.

Day was fabulous with +1500 of scenic uphill, with some last meters spiced up by a small corridor with chains. Downhill was only ok, upper parts were fine by very traced up already. The best of the lower part is that we could do it with the skis in a non hardpack snow! 

Mont Lachat, 2019m...going out just for a snack

Very easy day with only +800...this is part of a ski resort. These are the kind of places i would never come if the resort is open, but that now Skilifts are closed is a good opportunity to see them almost in natural conditions.

Good view point of the Aravis massif.

Aiguille Percee, 2778m...starting the year after the beautiful rock shapes

We drove back tot he north to spend few days in Val de Isere. Weather was quite bad every day, plus there was not that much snow in the lower parts. Since the resort was closed, we took the opportunity to visit the famous hole in the rocks, that otherwise would be too crowded as the pistes pass by.

We fot quite lucky and the sky cleared up right when we got to that area...mission accomplished! The best we could get from that day was the beautiful views of that rocky formations...and we luckily did!