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This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Cueto Tejao, 2129m...A brillian day in Picos de Europa! January, 17th 2009

Against all expectations, Diego joined with me. I wanted to go with him a long time ago, but choosing the day seemed to be a  difficult task.

I chose this peak, because it is in Picos de Europa. The view is fantastic and so the descent is. Furthermore, it does not require huge efforts.

It was a sunny day from dawn to dusk. The trail starts in Jito de Escarandi, but it is not the track to Caseton de Andara. We are supposed to turn to the right and follow the ridge of the photo.

Diego climbed up the first slopesinto an amzing scenary.

Diego and I in a photo taken by colleagues of foropicos. In that moment, we had not realised they were.

Later, we shared some words. They were going to climb a peak which is close to our peak. Kindly, they took photos of us with a "filmmaker" perspective of our descent.

But, we still had 400m of vertical ascent left ahead us...
We went to the peak at the right, and they went to the pak at the left hand side...
I was not tired, I looked forward to getting the summit.

The last meters of our peak, seen from the nearby peak. As you can see, the last part was a bit exposed.

Samelar and Sagrado Corazon from here.

The descent was one of my best memories of that winter. The snow in the high part was awesome, and the photos show how we enjoyed it.

From there, the descent was less steep than it was before.

Central massiff behind me.

The last part consisted of a wide and steeper slope which runs from 1550 to 1200m. Easy snow to ride fast untill the car!
 We got back to the car still excited!

I remembered that day as one of my best days as mountainner-snowboarder. The snow and the weather contributed to make the descent still better.

Pico Celleros, 1890m 16-1-2009 (C.Cantabrica)

I had to attend to university at first hour. I could see from "Y" that the weather towards mountains was nice. Once the lesson had finished, I drove to Pajares. I had not got much time. I had to stay at home in three hours, and two were for driving.

Just on the top the cloud were below me.

I was very unlucky. I was just going to start...and clouds moved to my position. The visibility was reduced fastly. I didn´t enjoy the descent. At least, I tried it...

It doesn´t usually happen to me.

Un dia de nieve perfecta en Fuentes de Invierno 11-1-2009

It isn´t backcountry, but sometimes skiing on the pistes is so fantastic as skiing on off-piste. Although the main porpuse of the blog is the backcountry, sometimes I will upload photos or videos of resort if I think It may be interesting to keep.

Canal del TS LLomba en Fuentes de Invierno 11-enero-2009

Tipycal off-piste in Fuentes de invierno descending under LLomba chairlift. The video doesn´t show my best descent over there, but we only had the camera that day. Anyway the place is great to practise "advanced level" slopes.