For snowboarders who like mountains...

This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Mont Telliers, 2949m...first spring vibes of the season!

On Sunday February 23, we head to the Grand S. Bernard. This part of the Alps was totally unknown for me in winter. I walked in summer time some years ago during my tour du Mont Blanc. Long time I wanted to visit the area in winter.

Full of possibilities..we opted for the fairly easy Mont Telliers with +1000m but a steeper last 100m to the summit.

We left the car to the point in wich the road is closed to the pass. 

 Soft and continuous uphill with Mont Velan at the background the whole time.

Despite the expected sunny weather, we happened to be under one of the few clouds around. We remained in the shadow for almost the whole day….which was actually good..otherwise too hot.

After 1.5h we can see our goal today. We would approach it from the right, behind the rocks and go on over a sort of tube. Last 100m to the summit were steeper.

Beautiful Mont Velan and Grand Combin.

After some meters on foot, we reached the summit. Mont Blanc a bit cloudy today.

Long and continuous descent almost to the car. Quite nice snow...we mainly got some soft powder and spring snow.

After 4h of activity we took a detour and drove to a get a well deserved beers!

Punta di Elgio, 2836m....another great ski tour in Ticino

After yesterday s tour in eastern Ticino i drove to val Bedretto. This is the northern most valley in Ticino. To the north of it, the north side of the Alps begins. I started around 9am from dall Acqua. In winter the passo della novena is closed, and that is the furthest you can drive. Manyyyy people here.

I opted for punta di Elgio, again 1200m as yesterday although much longer. But in days like this, the longer, the more you enjoy the good weather, so cannot complain.

Short after, I left the road and cross the "baby" Ticino river.

Really beautiful ascent, gentle and open views. There is more new snow here, than yesterday. This weeks, the storm hit mainly the NW, and this area gets quite a lot of snow with them.

Close to passo San Giacomo, an old trade path between Levantina valley already in Italy and val Bedretto.

My goal can be seen for the first time from there. I am at around 2300m and it looks still very far.

A bit monotonous this last part except for the last slope which was steep enough to later enjoy the descent. But the views from val Bedretto were gorgeous...the car is way down there.

Some beautiful giants from the summit...perhaps something in the Berner Oberland.

The descent was great, the steepest slope from the summit were formidable with a thin layer of powder. The rest until san Giacomo was just going down, trying to keep the level...not to need to walk.

After if was again wonderful..

Getting back to the forest....I am almost back to the car at 1600m.

Great 2 days of activity...these are 2 of the big classics of skitoruing in Ticino. Happy I got to know this area of the Alps also in winter.

Piz Rondadura, 3016m...exploring Ticino in winter

On Saturday 8th I drove to passo Lucamagno, border between the canton of Ticino and the Grissons. My idea was to spend a weekend in this southern/central part of the Alps. In roughly 3.5h drive I got there. The weekend was expected to be sunny, except for some high altitude clouds today. 

The goal of today from the beginning...just 1200m away.

I passed a group and kept alone.

Last 30m to the real summit were rocky and exposed.

From the top, the last meters over the ridge and rocks.

The descent was good. The wind has blown most of the snow that fell the days before, but it was accumulated in patches...

The descent was fast and steady...very good for the splitboard.

Great day in a not very visited part of the Alps.