For snowboarders who like mountains...

This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Torre Blanca, 2617m...a classical from the north! June, 2nd 2007

It´s a classical activity to end the "winter" season. The cableway makes the ascent easy. The top of the lift is at 1900m. The covered snow is generally near to the top station in June and there are some slopes big enough to be skied.

I looked forward to going there. Snowboarding in June was something quite weird for me. I ´m used to stopping skiing in April, when the ski resorts close down its season.

Finally, I was successful. Marina, Chema and I went to Fuente De. The clouds always threatened our day.

Horcados Rojos coll, with the famous view of Naranjo de Bulnes.

Me with Torre Blanca and LLambrion.

Us on the summit.

Poor photo, but there is only one pic of the descent.

That activity was my last day of snowboarding in 2007. With just a pair of activities that year, 2007 was the beggining of my passion for this sport.