For snowboarders who like mountains...

This blog has been created with the purpose of compiling almost all my backcountry days from my first steps in the Cantabrican mountains to mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, and hopefully filled in the future with many travels in the pursuit of great rides and remote areas. Enjoy the reading!

Gemmenepalhorn, 2010m...panorama of the Berner Oberland

Last day of ski tour of this great holidays…We went to Beatenberg in the north side of Interlaken lake to do this easy and classic ski tour...but that offers great views of the Berner OBerland.

Wonderful open views of the Berner Oberland.

Perfect place for lunch near the summit, after +800m

Quite good snow, in this spring looking day!

Rauflihorn, 2323m..visiting the Diemtigtal

This is probably the ski tour I was waiting for the most in this holidays. I woke up early as I had to take a train and then a bus to get to this valley. This valley is a bit off road...and it has no big ski resort. From the town at the end of the road at around 1000m, there are several options to do. It has been such a good winter, that it is full of snow since the beginning.

I opted for this, and in probably the most beautiful one of them and the longest one.

The tour continues up this valley, surround by those rocky walls to the right. Plenty of people around...good atmosphere.

And summit…got some popular up there...seems they are not used to see a lonely spanish splitboarder in that valley on a Thursday..

Despite the many people up was easy to find some virgin spots to enjoy the powder..

Wonderful day, what a good vibes

Gibel, 2031m...a day in paradise

I went by train to the Brunigpass, that sets the limit of Bern Canton.

I came here today by a  last minute change of mind...and I almost fail...i took the wrong path at the beginning...losing like an i actually started the right path at midday. There was no one and was a bit har to find the right way.

I was quite tired actually and i was afraid that i would not make it due to lack of time.
The place was awesome...Brienz lake at the back.

I made it up there around 2 30 and enjoy the views. i was very tired for some reason...

The way down was wonderful...1000m of perfect snow...great views, and many turns through the forest..

In the end i still had plenty of time to get back to the train...

Schafhubel, 2038m...a fast one before the snow storm

On Sunday I went by train to Grindenwald and then took a bus to the very end of the valley. A strong snow storm was expected on Monday, but the weather would change during today already. So I decided for this short, although not far from the slopes, it was easy to be out of them. it truly felt like a proper ski tour.

Fron the summit to the valley of Grindenwald.

Beautiful powder...

Greberegg, 1500m...back on service! 9. February.19

First day of splitboarding...after around 3 years in the dry dock for several reasons...I was coming from Hamburg with the night train where i was planning to meet in Bern and then do a short ski tour with lake views that I saw in Internet as the first time near Interlaken where i would stay for the whole week. We would also benefit from the layer of snow from the town at 500m, that does not always exist.

The layer of snow was very thin at the beginning but enough to skin up. I was really looking for a clear lake view while splitboarding and we got it!

We realized we could not go down over the same there were not enough we followed a winter path to a very small ski resort.

We went up to aprox 1500m and then went down on the slopes to its base at 1000m. A

very friendly family drove us to Spiez where we could get a train back to Interlaken.